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"To ESTONIA! Sincere thanks for a marvelous instrument."

Oscar Peterson

"...the Concert Grand, on which I had the opportunity to play, is an excellent instrument with very good characteristics. The especially soft and singing tone, and the light touch are the outstanding features."

Claudio Arrau

"Thanks so very much for the use of such a wonderful piano. I know you will have great success."

Dave Brubeck

"There simply is more music in this Grand. With its higher notes of greatly improved structure it also feature s more powerful sound volumes and keys, which yield to the slightest touch. The basses can be made to sound and reverberate like organ pipes, but nevertheless are clear to the lowest notes. The treble is delicate and effulgent, but, by no means only `bright`. Well proportioned, with exquisitely rounded corners, stands the Grand ESTONIA - large, beautyful and imposing."

Svjatoslav Richter, Richter and Estonia

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I was to play the ESTONIA concert grand piano. It is indeed a wonderful instrument and has a lovely tone - which is the most important quality for any instrument."

Daniel Pollack

"One of the best decisions I`ve ever made in my life is owning an ESTONIA piano."

David Kan, Music critic, Toronto/Hong Kong

"I have owned and played ESTONIA grand pianos for many years. These fine instruments are built in the best European tradition, combining superb tone and touch and hand crafted of the highest quality materials. I am confident an ESTONIA piano would make a treasured addition to your home. It is gratifying me to recommend the ESTONIA piano - one of the best kept secrets in piano-making today."

Neeme Järvi, Chief Conductor and Music Director, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

"Today's ESTONIA has its own sound sound-personality and shares the psychology of Steinway and Bösendorfer."

Prof. Dr. h. c. Arbo Valdma, Piano professor, Cologne Academy of Music, Germany

"The ESTONIA Concert Grand is the only piano comparable to the Europian Steinway."

Thierry Gudel, Concert pianist, Switzerland

"Here it is very apparent the distinction from other world big companies, in that this is not a purveyor of wooden or metallic products, but an instrument of the warmth of hands and human soul. Therefore, it sounds great and meets the professional requirements. Lord - let us bow for you and pray for the most powerful concerts. At the Holy Hour give ESTONIA their success in Music."

V. Tchernushenko, President, St. Petersburg Conservatory of Rimski-Korsakov.

"Tonight I had the privilege of playing the ESTONIA Grand Piano. It is a beautifully made instrument whose craftmanship speaks for itself in its feel and sound. It has a lovely touch, a dark rich color, and a lyrical voice which invites music makeng at its best, all at a price unheard of for such quality. I look forward to my next opportunity to play an ESTONIA."

Robert Gustafson, Music Director, Les Miserables

"During my visit at the KLAVER '98 festival in Tallinn, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with new ESTONIA grand pianos. I was happy to observe an improved quality of the mechanism, and was impressed by the open, interested and ambitious attitude of the officials of the company, attending to a genuine wish to keep progressing in the development of these fine instruments. I wish the ESTONIA piano company all possible success in the future. I feel they are doing very important work."

Matti Raekallio

"It is a marvellous experience to have discovered two of the ESTONIA pianos (especially the 190). The warmth and richness of the sound is deeply touching, they are instruments with noble acoustic properties, and a speaking psaltery tone. I wish a great success to these instruments in the coming years. I have no doubt about their success, for a lot of pianists will find in this instrument the sound that has so much disappeared since the grand's period of the beginning of the century."

Pierre-Laurent Aimard

"After having had the great opportunity of giving Master Classes on two Estonia Grand pianos in Montepulciano this summer, it was particularly enjoyable to visit the factory and to admire the "old-style" ( and therefore remarkable) workmanship displayed in your instruments. I certainly wish you many centuries of piano-making - so that we poor pianists may continue to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Keep up the good work."

Daniel Blumenthal

"As a new owner of an ESTONIA piano, it has been a real pleasure to work on such a fine instrument and I am sure that the musical fulfillment I am experiencing will grow over the years. The level of craftsmanship in the ESTONIA piano can only inspire the highest respect and I have no doubt that this piano will continue to prove essential to sensitive musicians."

Marc-Andre Hamelin, two-time Grammy nominee and an internationally claimed pianist who recorded on the ESTONIA model 190 (6'3) grand piano.

The critically acclaimed team of soprano Jody Applebaum and pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin take a break from their focus on music of the European Cabaret and present their latest recording, Serious Fun! A collection of British and American humor at their finest, this live-concert disc includes selections by Tom Lehrer, Flanders & Swann, Sheldon Harnick, Jeremy Nicholas, Vernon Duke and Stephen Sondheim, as well as other, more obscure masters of the art of the comic song. The piano used for this recording was an Estonia 190 (6’3) supplied by Cunningham Piano Company in Philadelphia. At present, this disc is available only by direct order. To obtain information on this disc or any of the other discs produced by these outstanding artists, please send an email detailing your request to DivaDiscs@aol.com

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