News 2016

New brochures for models L225 and L210.

The estonian pianist Andre Hinn came out with the presumably world first recording of Christoph August Gabler´s (1767 – 1839) piano music – CD „Von Salzburg bis Reval“ . 
Gabler was very talented Baltic-German piano virtuoso and composer. His piano-works are brilliant and in style probably most similar with works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They have however also their special own musical language, gallant and sparkling sound-bouquet containing in a good way something of salon music with lot of technically very complex passages and featuring at times also harmony or other elements that would be downright unusual to Vienna-classic. 
On the CD we hear also works of W. A. Mozart and one shamanic work „The Old Zither“ of estonian composer Ester Mägi
All works are recorded on Estonia piano Grand Model 274.
To order CD-s you can contact the artist Andre Hinn on or also Estonia Piano Factory on

January - The Medal Honour and Glory of Estonia has been awarded to Dr. Indrek Laul, presented by maestro ArvoPärt at the Keila-Joa Manor.

Participation at the NAMM show 2016 in Anaheim, California.

February – Estonia piano at the chamber music festival Helija Keel, works by Pärt, Saariaho and Tulve.

Interviews to the EasyJet Magazine and Baltic News Services.

News 2015

Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas (right), dr. Indrek Laul (left), Estonian Embassy in Beijing

Dr. Indrek Laul has been awarded the Presidential Medal by T.H. Ilves, President of the Republic of Estonia. The accompanying letter said

Advanced slow-closing mechanism for all piano models

Advancements to the model 225 soundboard design and hammers

Participation at the Music China 2015 in Shanghai, with the Estonian Piano Orchestra – 8 pianists!

New CD recorded on Estonia - pianist Andre Hinn, CD titled Von Salzburg bisReval. Works by Mozart, Gabler, and Mägi. (Pilt). Please contact the piano factory for ordering the CD-s.

New publication – 236 years of piano making in Estonia country.

News 2014

Reception and concert in NY, Indrek Laul is visiting the US with Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas.

New soundboard design for the model 190

New support beam design and structure for the models 190

New method for the 190 surface preparation before lacquering

New packing material for larger pianos

Transportation of the US sales archives to Tallinn, Estonia

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